On November 18th, Political Research Associates published a new report “Privatizing Massachusetts: The Right-Wing’s Blue State Game Plan” outlining the role that right-wing think tanks have played in shaping Massachusetts policy in recent years.



“In October, the Fiscal and Management Control Board overseeing MBTA, Boston’s public transit system, took quick action after determining the hardware and software used to track fare collections was faulty. The governor-appointed body decided to fire all the employees who count the money and outsource their work to a private company instead. The move had some people scratching their heads — why not fix the technology if that was the source of the problem?

“It’s as if a supermarket chain decided to replace its cashiers and supervisors because their cash registers aren’t working properly,” said Rafael Mares, Vice President and Program Director of the Conservation Law Foundation’s Healthy Communities and Environmental Justice program who regularly attends the fiscal control board’s meetings.

But what if shrinking government itself is a major goal, perhaps even bigger than fixing public transit? Your confusion ends. And that is the stated goal of The Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research, the right-leaning think tank that seems to be everywhere these days—including on the MBTA control board. You find Pioneer people, past and present, as regulars on Boston public radio’s RadioBoston, writing op-eds for struggling newspapers, and even leading the state as governor.”


Read the full report (PDF)