New Video Highlighting Right-Wing Privatization Schemes

Our new video highlights the ways in which right-wing interest groups are impacting vital public services, causing funding gaps in education, healthcare, public transportation services and more. These special interest groups have created a privatization scheme which seeks to underfund public services so that infrastructure fails championing privatization as the solution to these problems. However, although privatizing can decrease government spending in the short term, these private companies tend to underestimate costs and cut corners, resulting in lower quality services, decreased wages and cuts to employee benefits.

In the end, these companies shift the burden to taxpayers, which means the public is paying for poorer services at a higher cost. Even worse, these private companies are not accountable to the public despite the fact that they in control of public funds. When these companies fail, which the often do, our local communities are left to foot the bill and clean up the mess caused by privatization. To learn more about how you can help break the cycle of right-wing interest groups privatization schemes, check out our new video below.


Massachusetts Parents United